Looking for honest advice? Want to feel like you’re on the right track?

I can help.

I’m Michelle Evard-Moses, CFP® professional. I started my firm because I wanted people to get honest, personalized advice. I saw how confused people were with their finances and I wanted to help.

Clients routinely tell me how much better they feel after talking with me.

I enjoy helping people find the right investments for their beliefs and lifestyle.

Think of me like your financial partner. Whenever you have a money question, or want to brainstorm ideas, I can help.

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Me Financial, PLLC

3003 N. Central Ave. Ste 600
Phoenix, AZ 85012

P 480.442.5816

Want to know more? Here's the long version of my story.

I always knew what I wanted to do - build a business.

I live in Phoenix, AZ.  I’m an independent, Certified Financial Planner Professional that likes helping people decide what to do with their money. 

I networked, taught and wrote articles.  Waited tables and pushed paper.

I’ve been a weekly contributor on the John Adams Show — a radio show for entrepreneurs — and featured in the Arizona Republic newspaper and Phoenix Woman magazine.

I’ve appeared regularly on all the local Phoenix news channels, been interviewed for numerous podcasts, appeared as a lifestyle expert on Chat, Chew and Chocolate, and featured on SheKnows.com.

I was a founding board member of the Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce, on multiple non-profits boards, and a lead group facilitator for the Arizona Small Business Association.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family & friends, hiking, traveling and trying new restaurants.