Finished Flip House

Here are the pics of the finished flip house. I’m so glad we took on this project. I’ve always known I could do it and could see it in my mind – it’s nice to have it come out how I (mostly) imagined.   We ended up selling the house for $412,500 and went over […]

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I’m Flipping A House

I’m very excited to let you know that I’m flipping a house! After many years of being interested in it, I’m finally doing it.   I’ve always wanted to know exactly what goes into the whole thing and no better way to know about it, than to do it.   Knowing how to run businesses […]

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My IRA Doesn’t Make Money. What Should I Do?

  Client Question: I have an IRA that doesn’t make money. Should I keep contributing to it, or move the account?     This is a common one.   You put money in, you don’t make much, and wonder if you should continue. I know it’s frustrating, but if you keep trying some things, I think […]

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Don’t Know How to Invest? Do This.

Go Inside As much as I want to send you all of these great investments I’m excited about, it’s becoming hard to ignore the fact that many people are uneasy.   I’m uneasy.   What’s going to happen? I wish I knew. I never expected things to go this high for this long. People are always […]

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Niche Real Estate

    Your Brief Synopsis:   Real Estate Fund – self-storage, apartments, industrial, office and retail investments Target Return – 10-12% Minimum Investment – $100,000 Length of Fund – 3-4 years (technically it’s 5, but the fund has been open a bit) Fees – 4% (most funds are 8-16%)   What Makes This Fund Different […]

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Stock Market Alternative – Hotels

Sometimes people think the only alternative to the stock market is buying real estate. Alternative investments like this one give you an easy way to diversify, without all the labor of owning a physical piece of real estate. This particular investment is in hotels. The fund raises money, purchases and renovates hotels, then manages the […]

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