You’d like someone to talk to, whenever something comes up, at any time. 

I manage your money, we talk quite often about your goals and I look for new opportunities and ideas, specifically for you. I’m available for any decision or question you may have. (Should I invest in this, can you review this investment)

I get to know your personality, lifestyle, dreams and aspirations so I can base my advice on what’s right for you.

I’m part of your financial team which means I’ll work with your attorneys, CPAs or other professionals to make sure we’re maximizing your money, and to make life easier for you.

This is a high-level service where I’m constantly brainstorming ideas and vetting investments for you.

The fee for this service is a minimum of $5000/yr. The fee can come from managing your assets for a percentage or a flat fee paid by invoice.

You may also start our relationship paying me hourly for advice, to see if this package makes economical sense.

Please contact me to discuss this option. Our first step is simply seeing if we’re a personality fit.


Business Owner Concierge

We’ll coordinate your business and personal life so you know you’re maximizing and optimizing your dollars in every area of your life – business and personal.

  • I’ll work with your CPA to ensure you have the correct salary level and retirement plan to maximize your tax dollars.
  • We’ll review your estate to ensure you have proper documents in order.
  • Review your bookkeeping practices so they make the most logistical sense for you.
  • Review your legal structure and bank accounts to see if anything can be streamlined.
  • Review your health, life or any other insurance need – for you, your business and your employees.
  • Review your current retirement plans to cut down on fees.

I’ll work with your current CPA, lawyer and insurance broker to do all of the above. My main concern is to make sure it’s all coordinated and in line with what you desire.

Fees for this service vary greatly. This service can be very flexible or hands-on, it’s up to you to decide how involved I’ll be. Please contact me to discuss this option.