Don’t Know How to Invest? Do This.

Go Inside

As much as I want to send you all of these great investments I’m excited about, it’s becoming hard to ignore the fact that many people are uneasy.


I’m uneasy.


What’s going to happen? I wish I knew. I never expected things to go this high for this long. People are always asking me what’s going to happen and the truth is, I don’t know. I read conflicting reports everyday. Go to cash, buy stock, buy real estate.


These people I read are investing right for them. It’s not necessarily for you, but parts of it could be.


My advice to you is to invest by what feels good and what you’re excited about. Ask yourself what you’re comfortable with and start there. Go through your accounts and make sure you aren’t up worrying. If you are, something needs to change.


That’s the whole reason for this newsletter – to show you different ways to invest. And if you aren’t sure, give me a call and we can talk through it.

What I’m Invested In

To get you started, here’s what I’m invested in.

– I have about 10% in cash – because the last downturn, I was upset I didn’t have more cash to take advantage of the deals that were EVERYWHERE.

– I own a gold ETF and a silver ETF – because the price is fairly low and honestly, it just feels good.

– I own 2 alternative investments. One pays dividends monthly, the other quarterly. (my previous post discusses one of them)

– I own Disney because of the movies they have coming out, Tesla because I believe in what they’re doing and a Preferred Stock ETF.

– The rest are things I’m playing with. Sometimes I do awesome and sometimes I lose my shirt. (Chipotle)

– I’m also looking at investment properties. I’ve always wanted to redo a property. I’ll keep you posted.


The main theme is that I own things because I believe in, feel good about and understand them. If it’s confusing or goes against my belief system, I don’t invest.


This is MY way, if something rings true, please use it and if it doesn’t, don’t.


May something wonderful happen today,