My Health Insurance Tune-Up

I figure you haven’t heard enough about health insurance in the news lately, so I thought I’d write more!


Ah, I kid.


No matter your experience with your health insurance, I like some of the new products coming to market.


Telemedicine –

We recently subscribed to a telemedicine plan for $19.99/mo (for the family). Instead of heading to the doctor with the kids, we call in and they call the Rx to our pharmacy. It’s very convenient and quick!


HSAs – 

I’ve paid $4.25/mo for my HSA account for longer than I care to remember, and if you’re like me, you put money in and almost immediately spend it. You’re either in the camp where it accrues, or you’re in my camp. And if you’re in my camp, you pay a fee.


I’ve found a couple no fee HSAs with no minimums.


First American Bank and Lake Michigan Credit Union  include debit cards and even checks if you want them. I’m opening one with First American so I don’t have to be a member.


Many people are surprised they can move their HSA accounts. You can move them anywhere you want!


Direct Primary Care Doctor – 

I’ve been researching these. You pay a monthly fee to a doctor’s office, this covers your basic visits and tests. I’m thinking of coupling this with a major medical policy for anything over $10k. For a healthy family, it seems like a great choice to keep costs low.


This is the link to the article I started my research with. The reviews I’ve read have been wonderful – as long as you pick doctors that match what you want and your personality.


For 2017, I’m going to stick with my Aetna policy, but I feel like I’m paying for a Cadillac when I need a Toyota. If I can mix and match the above, I stand to save $200+/mo. (We pay about $700/mo now)




If you have questions about the above, please contact me.