My IRA Doesn’t Make Money. What Should I Do?


Client Question: I have an IRA that doesn’t make money. Should I keep contributing to it, or move the account?



This is a common one.


You put money in, you don’t make much, and wonder if you should continue. I know it’s frustrating, but if you keep trying some things, I think you’ll feel satisfied and fulfilled with your money.


Equate your question to this – you know someone that works out and eats right for a month, but is disappointed when they’re not the supermodel they were hoping to be.


You know that being in great shape and eating right are a way of life.


Managing your money, is also, a way of life.


Something you try, evaluate and change. Becoming good with money and your investments takes time, so keep trying some things. Integrate looking at your money into your regular habits.


I do think you should move your money to another fund, but I don’t necessarily think you should move your account somewhere else.


Can you research industries and companies you like? Maybe buy a few of those. There are many great sites with very sound opinions (Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha). Do a search on things you’re interested in and see what you come up with.


Don’t want to research? Put your money in index funds and plan on saving regularly. Index funds do great when the market is going up, they’re low cost and if you’re young (ish) they’ll get you to where you need to be. You have to save regularly though, don’t think you can invest for a few years and expect your “money to work for you”. Having money takes continued effort, just like our health example.


Still unsure? I’d recommend seeing someone like myself. For a few hundred dollars, you can have a professional review your accounts and make recommendations based upon your personal preferences.



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