What Do I Really Do?

Most people think a financial advisor only invests your money in the market. What I do is so much more.

I can help you –

  • Translate your financial life to your CPA or lawyer
  • Come up with creative ways to solve your financial problems (i.e. invest for depreciation, how to structure a loan, how best to make money with what you have)
  • Get clear on what you want by brainstorming ideas and strategies that fit your life
  • Find investments you wouldn’t find elsewhere
  • Organize your accounts and keep track of due dates, RMDs or conversions

I’ll give you a different way to think about your finances, so you make more and feel better.


The detailed version of services I provide –


Retirement Planning – we’ll come up with an easy to understand plan so you don’t have to worry about your money. My plans are designed to set your income on autopilot, so you can enjoy your retirement.

Estate Organization & Settlement –
I can help settle an estate or organize your estate.

Acccount Logistics/Banking –
I can help you streamline your processes, so you can spend less time managing the day-to-day.

Alternative Investments –
I’m very passionate about adding investments in businesses, hotels, land or anything outside the stock market to your portfolio.

Sustainable Investing – I’m continually searching out investments that treat our people, planet and profit right. We can compose a piece, or, your entire portfolio with sustainable investments.

Spending Plan –
for many, it all starts here. If you dream of investing, starting with your spending can get you places fast. I’ll recommend easy tools and tips to make your life easier.

Taxes & Social Security –
many people don’t realize how Social Security will affect their taxes. I’ll include potential taxes in your plan.

Insurance –
Not only can I review your coverage, but we can sometimes use insurance as a tool that has a dual purpose.

Savings & Investments – both short and long-term accounts are reviewed and possibly restructured. I have many portfolios for all of life’s situations.

Loans & Mortgages –
I review your debt. We may restructure it or change your payment plan.

Charitable Giving –
 we can make charitable giving part of your overall plan.

College Planning –
this includes financial aid strategy, savings plan, asset allocation and amount needed.

Employer Retirement Plans (401k) –
I can help you implement a new plan for your company or review your current one.