When the Numbers Say “YES”, but Your Feelings Say “NO”


We’ve all been there. You want to move forward with something that makes logical sense, but there’s something in you that holds you back.


Question from a client: My boyfriend and I want to buy an RV. We’ve done plenty of research and have the money. I’m really nervous about it and can’t figure out why.  Why am I freaking out?


I say follow your freakout – seriously.


There’s a reason you aren’t excited about purchasing the RV. If it was the right move, you’d be all over it and do it in a day.


When things are right, your money, time and emotions line up. It flows and is easy. If it doesn’t flow, keep the idea on the back burner.


We know when things are right. It’s like when you’re buying a house and you walk into THE ONE. You just know.


Now, if you’re a complete spendthrift or don’t have the money to buy an RV, my answer would be different. She spends money, she takes trips. Why was THIS purchase a big deal?


The answer is it isn’t time.


As we got to talking, she revealed they were thinking about moving and changing jobs. Those are two huge life changes that could greatly affect income. Wait until more of “life” is figured out and buy the RV when you’re excited about it, not stressed.


Following your feelings with money goes along with crunching the numbers.



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