You want someone you can trust, with a unique perspective.

I can help you get clear on your strategy, so you can go forward with clarity and focus.

If you…

  • Are sure of what you want, but want educated advice on how to proceed.
  • Would rather focus on other things in life.
  • Need someone to give you honest, unbiased advice.
  • Are interested in non-traditional investments, and want help finding more.

 I’m here to help.

I’m a fee-based financial advisor. My loyalty is to you, not a company.


How to work with me:

1  Set up a complimentary, introductory appointment/phone call.

2  We get to know one another to see if we’re a good fit. (You want to like who you work with.)

3 You tell me about your financial life.

4 I come up with a plan + solutions. Once you’re a client, I brainstorm and contribute investment ideas on a regular basis. Think of me as someone you can bounce ideas off of.

I can be as involved as you want me to be.  At no point will I pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do.




I charge 1% to manage assets under $1 million. For specific projects, like a retirement projection or allocation, a quote will be given and agreed upon beforehand. Hourly charges are also available.

Being fee-based allows me to offer you unique investments, not found in the general marketplace. And because I don’t make commissions, many investments are discounted upon purchase, thus giving you a higher return.

Give me a call at 480.442.5816 or contact me to discuss your options.